August 2nd, 2020



I hope my website brings you peace and fulfillment. May you find all the answers you seek.

Facts about OM Chess, LLC

      OM Chess, LLC currently, has many business relationships with individuals, companies, and organizations interested in our unique program. We also, seek the opportunity to teach the program to both military, and paramilitary organizations. Those suffering with PTSD, Autism, Depression, Social Disorders, Anxiety, stress, etc.

   We believe the program would be of great beneficial asset to society in uplifting, and elevating the consciousness. Practitioners of OM Chess, LLC (Peaceful Warrior) 2.0 techniques are experiencing elevated consciousness by practical usage of the system.

"In this short video directed by Amber sands, you will get a first glimpse of my first session with Angel Myers."

What is Peaceful Warrior 2.0?

   A program that's uniquely, designed to raise the consciousness too it's optimum by utilizing Chess as a tool. The program is designed to create the optimum YOU through 4 phases of mental engineering in developing your creativity, imagination, and intuition.The Peaceful Warrior 2.0 program are lessons for Life of profound insight into the Higher MIND/Consciousness.