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*All concepts are copyright protected*

OM Chess Presents

Peaceful Warrior!

Chess Program 2.0

*strategies and tactics for life*

Sessions/lessons- $60.00/25 minutes (private)

Sessions/lessons- $50.00/25 minutes (group)

Sessions are presented introducing our exclusive concepts of Peaceful Warrior 2.0 with The OM Chess Master. Concepts that utilize chess as a tool to UNLEASH/UNVEIL optimum mind and elevated consciousness through 4 phases of mental engineering. The phases are identified as: 

Phase 1- Earth    =    Stone    =    Initiate

Phase 2- Water    =    Lotus    =    Student

Phase 3- Fire    =    Watcher    =    Adept

Phase 4- Wind    =    Vitruvian    =    Master

* Each phase has a corresponding bracelet presented to the individuals upon completion of each sector at a discount in the shop. *

All sessions will be held via Zoom through our listed phone or email. Click the 'Contact' tab to start your Peaceful Warrior 2.0 sessions.


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